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This web site is intended to create an "Electronic Journal for Mathematical Semiotics". Its aim is to establish theoretical semiotics as a branch of mathematics. The theoretical framework spans roughly speaking from Peirce's and Bense's semiotics to GŁnther's polycontextural theory, from quantitative to qualitative mathematics, from cybernetics of the first kind to cybernetics of the second kind. Articles from neighboring disciplines such as cybernetics, physics, computer science, philosophy, linguistics etc. are welcome as long as they contribute to sign theory. The articles should be written in English or German. Below you will find an extensive list of downloadable articles written by me.
Professor Dr. Alfred Toth


Please pay special attention to the following links which connect you to the newest "shorter" works of Professor Rudolf Kaehr. Although Kaehr's main topic is not semiotics, but polycontextural logic and adjacent subjects, his knowledge of and contributions to Theoretical Semiotics are hard to overestimate and form an indispensable part of mathematical semiotic research. So I highly recommend the study of the following regularly updated web sites:

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